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OPtimization and Trustworthy Machine Learning (OPTML) group is an active research group at Michigan State University. Our research interests span the areas of machine learning (ML)/ deep learning (DL), optimization, computer vision, security, signal processing and data science, with a focus on developing learning algorithms and theory, as well as robust and explainable artificial intelligence (AI). These research themes provide a solid foundation for reaching the long-term research objective: Making AI systems scalable and trustworthy.

As AI moves from the lab into the real world (e.g., autonomous vehicles), ensuring its safety becomes a paramount requirement prior to its deployment. Moreover, as datasets, ML/DL models, and learning tasks become increasingly complex, getting ML/DL to scale calls for new advances in learning algorithm design. More broadly, the study towards robust and scalable AI could make a significant impact on machine learning theories, and induce more promising applications in, e.g., automated ML, meta-learning, privacy and security, hardware design, and big data analysis. We seek a new learning frontier when the current learning algorithms become infeasible, and formalize foundations of secure learning.

We always look for passionate students to join the team in terms of RA/TA/externship/internship/visiting students (more info)!

Representative Publications

Authors marked in bold indicate our group members, and “*” indicates equal contribution.

Trustworthy AI: Robustness, fairness, and model explanation

Scalable AI: Model & data compression, distributed learning, black-box optimization, and automated ML


We are grateful for funding from Michigan State University, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, DARPA, Cisco Research, NSF, DSO National Laboratories, LLNL, ARO.


10. June 2024

Two papers accepted in ICML’24: (1) Benchmarking zeroth-order optimization for memory-efficient LLM fine-tuning; (2) Why does graph transformer generalize? A Theoretical Dive into Self-attention and Positional Encoding

19. April 2024

[Feature Article@IEEE SPM] We are thrilled to share that our tutorial article titled An Introduction to Bilevel Optimization: Foundations and Applications in Signal Processing and Machine Learning has been published in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine as a Feature Article.

29. March 2024

We are thrilled to share that our research paper Reverse Engineering Deceptions in Machine- and Human-Centric Attacks has been officially published in Foundations and Trends® in Privacy and Security!

29. March 2024

[New Preprints] We are pleased to announce the release of the new paper on arXiv: Challenging Forgets: Unveiling the Worst-Case Forget Sets in Machine Unlearning!

5. March 2024

[New Preprints] We are pleased to announce the release of the following papers on arXiv: [1] Rethinking Machine Unlearning for Large Language Models; [2] Revisiting Zeroth-Order Optimization for Memory-Efficient LLM Fine-Tuning: A Benchmark; [3] UnlearnCanvas: A Stylized Image Dataset to Benchmark Machine Unlearning for Diffusion Models; [4] Challenging Forgets: Unveiling the Worst-Case Forget Sets in Machine Unlearning

5. March 2024

[Launch of the MSU-UM-ARO Project Website] The Lifelong Multimodal Fusion by Cross Layer Distributed Optimization project receives funding from the Army Research Office (ARO).

12. February 2024

Tutorial ‘Machine Unlearning in Computer Vision: Foundations and Applications’ is accepted for presentation by CVPR’24. See you in Seattle!

16. January 2024

Four papers accepted in ICLR’24: [1] Machine unlearning for safe image generation (Spotlight); [2] DeepZero: Training neural networks from scratch using only forward passes; [3] Backdoor data sifting; [4] Visual prompting automation.

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